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Hospital Safety Score Help Desk

MD February 27, 2014 Announcements

The courtesy data review period for hospitals receiving a Hospital Safety Score in April will be open from March 2nd to March 23rd

CEOs of hospitals receiving a Hospital Safety Score in October will receive a letter in the mail that contains a username and password to access the Data Review Website, as well as instructions to complete the data review process. 

If you do not receive a copy of the letter, please contact the help desk at: To avoid delays in receiving your username and password from the Help Desk, please submit your hospital’s full name, address, and Medicare Provider Number when submitting a request. Usernames and passwords have not changed since October 2015.

Hospital Safety Scores and source data from October 2015 will remain posted at until late March. Leapfrog advises all hospitals to visit that website now, and print a copy of the October 2015 source data for their records and information.

Zenhelp Feb 8 Announcements

Important Information for Hospitals Receiving a

2016 Hospital Safety Score


In January 2016, Leapfrog published a timeline for the 2016 Hospital Safety Score program. Today's message is to remind hospitals of some upcoming dates and deadlines, and also share some information regarding changes to the set of measures that will be used in the Hospital Safety Score this spring.


Changes to the Measure Set

The scoring methodology for the 2016 Hospital Safety Score has been updated to remove 5 measures and add 7 new measures. The Blue Ribbon Expert Panel has recommended, and Leapfrog's Board of Directors has approved the following changes:

  • Five Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP) measures will be removed:
    • Antibiotic within 1 Hour (SCIP INF 1)
    • Antibiotic Selection (SCIP INF 2)
    • Antibiotic Discontinued After 24 Hours (SCIP INF 3)
    • Catheter Removal (SCIP INF 9)
    • VTE Prophylaxis (SCIP VTE 2)
  • Five HCAHPS measures used in the CMS Inpatient Quality Reporting Program will be added:
    • Nurse Communication (H-COMP-1)
    • Doctor Communication (H-COMP-2)
    • Staff Responsiveness (H-COMP-3)
    • Communication about Medicines (H-COMP-5)
    • Discharge Information (H-COMP-6)
  • Two Healthcare-Associated Infection measures used in the CMS Inpatient Quality Reporting Program will be added:
    • MRSA
    • C. Diff.


Results and data collection periods for each of the new CMS measures are available at


Important Dates

  • Data Snapshot Date: February 15, 2016 is the data snapshot date for the spring update of the Hospital Safety Score. Hospitals that submitted a 2015 Leapfrog Hospital Survey by December 31, 2015 will have Leapfrog Hospital Survey Results used in their Spring 2016 Hospital Safety Score. In addition, Leapfrog will use public data from CMS and AHA that is available on February 15, 2016. 
  • Courtesy Data Review Period: As always, Leapfrog is planning a Courtesy Data Review Period. It is not mandatory to participate in the Courtesy Data Review Period, but it can be helpful for hospitals that want to review the source data Leapfrog is using, review the scoring methodology, and review their numerical safety score before letter grades are made available.

    The data review period will take place in the beginning of March and last for three weeks. Hospitals will be notified through a letter to hospital CEOs, an electronic newsletter, and emails sent directly to hospital contacts that participated in the 2015 Leapfrog Hospital Survey. To sign up for electronic notifications, visit:  

  • Public Announcement: The public announcement for the Spring 2016 update to the Hospital Safety Score is scheduled for the end of April.  As always, hospitals will be able to preview their updated letter grade 48 hours before it is posted at


Tips for Hospitals

1.     Don't Wait: Review the timeline for this April's update of the Hospital Safety Score. Visit the Hospital Safety Score website to make sure you are aware of important dates and deadlines. Start reviewing your data. Much of the data that will be used in the April update of the Hospital Safety Score is publicly available now. This means that hospitals have the opportunity to start reviewing their data now, and can contact the data source if they find an error to begin work on making corrections. 2015 Leapfrog Hospital Survey Results are available at and CMS data is available at

 2.     Watch the Mail: Leapfrog will send a letter to your hospital's CEO with information about the upcoming Hospital Safety Score, along with a username and password to access a secure data review website. Ask your mail room, office administrator, and CEO to be on the lookout for this letter from Leapfrog in March. 

 3.     Ask the Help Desk: If you have a question about any of the dates or deadlines, the measure set or scoring methodology, or want to subscribe to Leapfrog's electronic newsletter, reach out to the Help Desk


Zenhelp March 17, 2015 Announcements

We have reached capacity for registrations for the March 7th Town Hall Call.  All hospitals and interested stakeholders are invited to attend a second Hospital Safety Score Town Hall Call on Tuesday, March 8th at 3:30 p.m. EDT.  The same information will be presented on this second Town Hall Call. We ask that you do not register for Tuesday’s webinar if you will already be participating in Monday’s webinar. 

On the Town Hall Call, Leapfrog staff will review changes to the Hospital Safety Score methodology and provide an overview of the Courtesy Data Review Period. For those not able to join us, a copy of the slides and a recording will be available online following the event.

Register for the Spring Hospital Safety Score Town Hall Call on March 8, 2016 3:30 p.m. EDT at:

Space is limited to 500 participants.


MD September 12, 2014 Announcements


  1. Once you log into the Data Review Website, download a copy of the Data Review Instructions and read them carefully.

  2. Please be sure to download a copy of the 'Links to Source Data' spreadsheet available on the Data Review Website directly above the table that contains your hospital’s source data. The spreadsheet includes two tabs - Leapfrog Measures and CMS Measures - with direct links to each report Leapfrog used to obtain measure scores. When looking for a link, please be sure you are looking in the tab that corresponds to the data source listed on the Data Review Website (i.e. if the data source is listed as ‘2015 Leapfrog Hospital Survey,’ you will look in the ‘Leapfrog Measures’ tab, not the ‘CMS Measures’ tab of the spreadsheet).

  3. If you find that a measure score from the Data Review Website does not match the public report, please be sure you are looking at the correct (a) data source (b) reporting period (c) measure. 

  4. Please review the notes regarding ‘Minimum Reporting Requirements’ and ‘Trimming Extreme Values’ on page 19 of the Scoring Methodology. This may explain a measure score/rate discrepancy.

  5. If you need to contact the Help Desk about a measure score not matching the public report, please include the following information in your Help Desk ticket:
    1. Hospital’s name, address, and Medicare Provider Number
    2. Name of the measure and measure source listed on the Data Review Website
    3. Measure score for that measure that Leapfrog has recorded for your hospital
    4. A screenshot of the public report that shows a different measure score than the one Leapfrog has recorded for your hospital. Please double-check the data source to ensure you are looking at the correct report. 
  6. Be sure to enter the email address in the Contact Information and Reviewer Information correctly. This email address will be used to notify hospitals when the Letter Grades are ready to be previewed.